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[accordion title=”Easy access to all of your customers information”]Having detailed and comprehensive records on all of your customers will make interactions effortless. Add notes and update records each and every time you provide service.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Appointment tools”]Reduce and eliminate missed and late appointments with alerts and reminders for both you and your customer. If it’s a recurring appointment just set it once and the system will take care of the rest.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Manage service contracts”]Create and maintain all the details of action specific agreements with your clients, never have to guess/remember what’s included and what’s not with that customer account. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Manage customer equipment”]A single piece of equipment or hundreds, It doesn’t matter. You can list, track, update, and service everything with detailed notes and pictures. Set reminders to alert you and the customer of valuable time sensitive needed actions. e.g. warranty expiration[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Support for multiple locations”]Your customer could have 1,4, or 10 different locations all with different needs. With location management keep it all under control. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Detailed and comprehensive history of all customer interaction”]From the very first phone call to the most recent service call or job completion and everything in between. Anything and everything that has or will be entered into the system about your customer, every appointment, every service action performed, their locations, their equipment, special information will always be at your fingertips when you need it. [/accordion]

Work Order Management

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[accordion title=”Custom order types that focus on your business”]Your business has specific offerings and so should the system that you choose to manage it. Anything that needs to be captured, completed, verified, or recorded can be. It’s your business make it work the way you want, not the way someone else thinks it should. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Custom fields”]The exact information you want to see captured and displayed how you want to see it. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Custom Status”]Each and every order or job you or an employee is working on is in some type of specific place in it’s lifecycle. With custom status you decide what that place is called and the system shows you all the different jobs that are in that status. Easily update the status of jobs from the web or directly from your mobile device. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Order specific history and notes”]Each order or job has it’s own needs and documented actions. Keeping accurate records on a single order/job level makes it easy to review them anytime.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Custom forms”]Create custom forms to capture important information. If you need it to be a checklist style action list or a sign off form for the customer, make it once and it will be on any order you choose. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Document storage on every order”]Forms, pictures, receipts, completion verification. Any external item you want to capture as part of an individual order can be added either from the mobile device or attached from the web portal. [/accordion]

Schedule and Dispatching

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[accordion title=”Visualization of all scheduled orders for any day”]See all scheduled jobs for any day, view the appointment time/time frame and who it is assigned to.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Easy drag and drop scheduling and rescheduling”]Click and drag any job to the person, day and time to assign/reassign and schedule/reschedule.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Map view of all scheduled orders”]See every job for that day plotted on the map[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Route optimization”]Let the system plan your route based on time, location and fastest point to point drive time.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Edit order directly from the schedule”]Office administrators or dispatchers can view and update orders right from the schedule view. This lets you keep things updated while keeping up with everything else.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Mobile App access lets anyone work from anywhere”]In the office, at home or on the road keep everything and everyone on task.[/accordion]


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[accordion title=”Robust standalone accounting system”]If you don’t watch your money, who will? Keep it all under control with detailed reporting directly from the system for every billable action.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Invoices treated as a separate item and linked to the work order”]Just because the job is done, it doesn’t always mean it’s time to get paid right away. Maybe you’re on 7,15,or 30 day terms. No problem, close out the work order and keep the invoice open. This will give you a clear distinction of payment status on all orders in the system.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Enables completion of an order and tracking of payment”]Visualize every aspect of your accounts payable [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Collect payment directly into the order and update accounting”]Capture payment in various forms and record them instantly, this cuts down back office administrative time and create more billable time opportunities. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”CC capture, Pay pal, checks recording, cash, retainer”]Choose any or all of the payment capture options that keeps you moving forward. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Integrate with Quickbooks”]Do you need a little more? Connect the system to your Quickbooks online account and feed information directly into your account. [/accordion]


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[accordion title=”Fast visualization of all your information”]All of your information neatly organized and displayed accordingly will help you make fast, accurate decisions in regards to your business. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Multiple dashboards customized to show what you want to see”]Only you know what information is important and why. Don’t waste time looking at the wrong things, you choose what to display and where. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Stay organized and keep up on every aspect of your business with Tasks”]Tasks help to keep up with any thing that may or may not be related to a work order. There are plenty of things that need to happen to make a business run efficiently and with Tasks you can keep them all organized and accountable. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Custom reports keep you on track and give you insight to make the right decisions”]Get information when you need it. Create custom reports that are scheduled to be delivered when you need them.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Export your data anytime”]It’s your data, use it the way you like. Export to Excel and use it however you see fit.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Create automations to help streamline and reduce time consuming tasks”]Don’t waste time repeating the same things over and over. Use custom triggers and automations to complete a long list of if and then scenarios.
IF this happens THEN I would like this to happen.[/accordion]

Personnel & Task Management

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[accordion title=”Easily assign and reassign work orders and tasks”]Drag and drop jobs for easy scheduling. See available people based on location and ability. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Time tracking on orders and tasks let you see exactly how time is spent “]Time tracking helps you keep track of billable hours and lets you determine which activities are profitable based on time spent on them. It also allows you or your administrative staff track time spent on non job related tasks.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Real time GPS and tracking let you see how company resources and being used”]Know exactly where everyone is all the time. Get location based alerts. Assign order based on real time location.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Keep employee and contractor information current and easily accessible”]Never again dig through mountains of paperwork or spend precious time updating hard copies. All person specific information is customizable and easy to update anytime from anywhere.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”With a native mobile app everyone become more productive”]Give your people the ability work from anywhere easily and effectively.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Always know who is supposed to be doing what and when it is completed “]Pull up a comprehensive overview of all activity for a single person. You can see all current and past work completed of waiting to be complete and all applicable information in regards to work orders and customers.[/accordion]