It’s in Our Name

We connect you to new customers in your area based on the services you provide. Customers enter the details of what they’re looking for. Then, if and only if it matches what you have said you want to do then we let you know. What you do from there is up to you.

Service Connection: Need something done?

Customers are Looking for You

  • Customers use Service Connection to find a qualified service provider in they’re area.
  • They answer questions that will help you to provide an accurate quote.
  • We notify you of the opportunity and you decided if you’re interested.

You are in Control

  • We give you all the information to provide a quote. You can also request additional info.
  • You decide if you are interested or not.
  • Submit your total price quote to complete the scope of work for the service requested.

Keep your Money in your Pocket

  • There is no cost to submit a quote. no leads or credits to buy.
  • We don’t believe in paying to maybe get a job.
  • The price you quote is the price you’re paid.
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We only make money when you do.

  • You will never pay for the ability to provide a quote.
  • The exact amount you quote will always be the amount you will be paid to complete a job, unless the scope of work changes and a new dollar amount has been set and agreed on by both the provider and the customer.
  • The Service Connection® platform adds a variable percentage to quotes and deducts it from requests that enter the system based on request type.
    • Variable Percentage- The fluctuating dollar amount added to the provider quote or deducted from customer request that enables us to keep the lights on.
    • Request Type- The specific service requested.
  • What does this means?
    • When a provider submits a dollar amount to complete a job, the system add a dollar amount based on the type of job it is and then presents it to the customer.
    • When a customer provides a dollar amount they would like to pay to have a job completed, the system deducts a dollar amount based on the type of job it is and then presents it to the provider.
  • The bottom line is that you get what you want to complete a job and the customer is paying what they are comfortable with to have it completed.
  • This is why Service Connection® only makes money if you do. Literally, your success is our success.
    • If there is not a connection, no money changes hands.

Make a Connection

  • The customer will be notified when you submit a quote.
  • They can view your profile, qualifications, and past reviews.
  • If a customer chooses you, a connection is made and the job is assigned to you.

Get the Job Done and Get Paid

  • After the job is assigned you will get all the customers information.
  • Schedule directly with the customer and provide great service.
  • Submit completion documentation and get paid directly from Service Connection®