Become a Service Provider 

Sign up is Easy - and FREE.

In addition to a job marketplace we also offer you the ability to upgrade your account to include powerful business management tools. 

Why Service Connection?

It's an unbiased marketplace designed to bring customers and providers together.
  • We provide a marketplace for jobs
  • A Service Provider profile to promote yourself and manage work orders
  • Access to Service Connection® clients and partners
  • Administrative support
  • Only take jobs you want, at the price that works for you
  • Job payments to you are processed the same day they are completed/approved

Free? Yeah, Right...

No, really. It's FREE.
  • No lead fees
  • We don't need a credit card
  • No subscription fees
  • You don't have "buy" jobs
  • Money: What you see is what you get

Get paid fast, like today fast.

You did the job, why wait to get paid? As soon as you complete the job according to the scope of work and submit the required documentation e.g. signed work order, pictures, Etc. either the customer or an authorized Service Connection representative will review the order. As long as all the required items are completed payment is processed right away. It's that easy.

How do I get jobs?

When a work order enters the system you will be notified through our work order system via mobile app, web access, and/or email. If you are close and agree with the price the customer has set or would like to submit a bid then let them know by requesting or bidding on the order. At this point the customer can decided if they want to move forward. Now, lets say you like the job but not the price. No problem, respond to the customer with the amount you would need to complete the job. It’s that easy. If the price is agreeable an order assignment can be made